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On-Line Internship Trainings

For many of you, your internship will be the first time you have worked in a professional setting.  People will expect you to act as a professional at work.  The “rules” aren’t spelled out for you, and the rules differ among organizations.  So, what do you do?

The Internship Center and the Office of Social Equity offer the below on-line trainings to guide you through your internship successfully:

Making the Most of Your Internship is a professional development training that discusses the "do's and don'ts" of your internship, as well as professional etiquette.  After viewing the PDF, click here to complete the quiz and print your certificate.

Safety and Security Training, which is located at https://calu.desire2learn.com.  The username is cupsecurity and the password is cupsecurity.  Once logged in, students can click on "Special Safety and Security-CUP Security" under "My Courses".  After taking the training, click here to complete the quiz and print your certificate.
 Work Place Answers
 are trainings offered by the Office of Social Equity.  All three trainings can be found at this website.

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