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Justice Studies Success StoriesJustice Studies Success Stories

Justice Studies Success Stories

Dominic Colombo - York City Police

Dominic Colombo stands in front of police carInternship title: York City Police Intern

How did you find your internship?

My family is friends with Sgt. Barth who works there.

What are you primary responsibilities/day-to-day activities?

I ride along with patrol officers usually from 7pm-3am and observe the different calls and how to handle those calls. 

What is the best part of your internship?

Knowing that I got a chance to learn as much as I could about a job that I have wanted to do for years. And also meet different officers and hear first hand stories.

Would you recommend this internship to someone else?

Yes, without a doubt

A quote from you regarding your experience?

It’s the best thing you could do before getting into this field of work.

Tamera Dixon

Tamera DixonMajor:  Criminal Justice

Internship Placement:  Washington D.C. Public Defender's Service

Internship Title:  Intern Investigator

What were your primary responsibilities/day-to-day activities?  My internship was at the Washington D.C. Public Defender Service, which has been rated the number one internship on several occasions by Time Magazine.  I was an intern investigator, and I worked with another intern, as well as a staff investigator and various attorneys.  Our attorney is in the appellate trial division.  I had several responsibilities as interns.  Once I was assigned a case and briefed by our attorney, Eric Klein, it was up to the other intern and myself to take action.  As an intern investigator, we wrote our won subpoenas, copied case jackets, and performed legal research using various resources such as Lexis Nexis and Court View.

A quote regarding your internship:  "All in all, this experience has been more than a change of thought; it's a change of life."