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Nanomanufacturing Technology Success StoriesNanomanufacturing Technology Success Stories

Nanomanufacturing Technology Success Stories

photo of Raymond Porche

Robert Porche

Senior Industrial Technology major Robert Porche, II stepped out of his student role this summer and served as a Nanotechnology Education Intern at Penn State’s Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization (CNEU). Porche worked as a teaching assistant for 12, three-day Nanotech camps this summer.

His daily duties were to provide technical support and enhance the educational activities of the CNEU by developing and designing all laboratory activities, facilities, experiments and demonstrations. He also oversaw students and workshop attendees in classroom and laboratory facilities. “He has a natural teaching ability,” said Porche's supervisor, Robert Ehrmann, director of education and outreach at the CNEU. Ehrmann also spoke of Porche’s command of science, particularly nanotechnology. “I was extremely pleased with Robert’s contributions to the Center and the Partnership this summer,” said Ehrmann.

In addition to being the go-to person for the Nanotech Camps, Porche was willing to help wherever it was needed. “His work ethic and ability to organize activities really freed up the rest of the staff to further the Center’s diverse programs,” Ehrmann explained.

Porche acknowledged the benefits he has received from this experience. He was around some of the major influences in the field and took part in lectures by the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network and National Science Foundation programs.

Porche sees this experience as preparation for the next step in his college career, which is earning a master’s degree in biotechnology.