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Bursar's Office Refund Policy

University Refund Policy


                                                     EFFECTIVE DATE BEGINNING FALL SEMESTER 2014
All students who are concurrently enrolled in both the regular 15-week session and late-starting sessions will be treated as regular session students for the purposes of this policy.  If the student drops a late-starting course prior to the beginning of the course, refund for the course will be provided in accordance with the university's registration policy.

THIS POLICY DOES NOT APPLY  IF YOUR PROGRAM OF STUDY IS STRUCTURED FOR SESSIONS SHORTER THAN THE NORMAL ACADEMIC 15 WEEKS SESSIONS. Please contact Global Online for details at  724-938-5958 or the Bursar's Office 724 938-4431.

Students who reduce their credit hour load after the end of drop period shall not be eligible for a refund of tuition charges.
Percentage of Semester Refund Percentage duration

actual dates fall 2014


actual dates spring 2015


0-8.56% 100% Through "drop period"

August 25 - Sept 2, 2014

Jan 20 - Jan 27, 2015

After the drop period, refunds for the basic fee shall be made only for full semester withdrawal.

Percentage of Semester Refund Percentage duration

actual dates fall 2014 semester

actual dates spring 2015 semester

8.57-12.49% 80% Through week 2 Sept 3 - Sept 5, 2014 Jan 28 - Jan 30, 2015
12.50-19.43% 60% Through week 3 Sept 6 - Sept 12, 2014 Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2015
19.44-26.38% 50% Through week 4 Sept 13 - Sept 19, 2014 Feb 7 - Feb 13, 2015
26.39-33.32% 40% Through week 5 Sept 20 - Sept 26, 2014 Feb 14 - Feb 20, 2015
> 33.33% 0% no refund Through End of Semester Sept 27 - Dec 12, 2014

Feb 21 - May 9, 2015

Refunds are made to the amount of the charge, not the amount that has been paid to date.  Room adjustments may not follow this schedule.  Contact Residence Life Office 724-938-4444 for more details.  Board & Dine Dollar adjustments may not follow this schedule. Contact CalCard Office 724-938-4300 for more details.

Financial Aid recipients should refer to 'refund/repayment policies' on the Financial aid website.

Please Note: The University Refund Policy does not adjust tuition and fees at the same percentage rate as Financial Aid's Return of Title IV Funds Formula. Because of this, Federal Title IV Aid recipients who withdraw from the University during the first eight weeks of the semester may still owe a balance to the University.

For late start/short sessions(sub terms), or for exact dates, contact the Bursar's Office.

Note: There is a flat charge for tuition for undergraduates attempting 12-18 credits. Tuition will be adjusted only if you fall below the minimum 12 credits through the sixth day of the fall or spring term.

Effective Fall 2011, Graduate level students will be charged per credit for tuition.

Withdrawing from the University

Any undergraduate student who decides to withdraw from the University during any academic term, regardless of the reason, must contact the Scheduling Center.  Graduate students are to contact the Graduate School.  Global On-Line students must contact the Global On-Line Office.  All withdrawals are governed by the following regulations:

  • An honorable dismissal is granted to a student who withdraws from the University in the official manner, has met all financial obligations to the University and has been properly cleared by the registrar.
  • If the student withdraws officially before the end of the 10th week of the semester, a "W" grade is recorded for each course scheduled. A "W" grade carries no academic penalty and is not counted in the student's GPA. For an official withdrawal from a five-week session, "W" grades will be recorded during the first two weeks only.
  • A student who withdraws officially from the University after the end of the 10th week of a semester will receive a grade in all courses per University policy.
  • Leaving the University without notifying the Academic Records Office and making an official withdrawal may result in automatic failure for all courses scheduled. It also makes the student ineligible for refund of tuition and fees and may affect academic status and financial aid. Improper withdrawals will be classified as unauthorized withdrawal and the designation "UW" will be used for all registered courses, if another grade has not already been assigned by the professor.

Students planning on withdrawing from the University should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to completing the withdrawal process.

Remember to withdraw from the University through official channels to avoid academic, financial and financial aid penalties. For more information, contact the Bursar's Office.