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Withdrawing from Short SessionsWithdrawing from Short Sessions

Tuition Refund Schedule for Withdrawing from Short Sessions

For 100% tuition refund during a short session or sub term at Cal U, you must officially drop the course the day before the second class meeting.

Partial tuition refunds are available if you withdraw before the end of the short session, based on the percentage of the term completed at the point of withdrawal.

Refunds are made to the amount of the charge, not the amount that has been paid to date. Pennsylvania Tech Fee and special fees associated with specific majors remain at 100% charge. Room adjustments may not follow this schedule. E-mail the Office of Residence Life or call 724-938-4444 for more details. To request information about refunds for board and Dine Dollars, contact the Office of Residence Life.

The schedule below applies only to short session (sub term) courses and excludes normal academic term and mix of short session and 16-week courses. If you receive financial aid, refer to Cal U's refund/repayment policies , or contact the Bursar's Office.

Note that the University refund policy does not adjust tuition and fees at the same percentage rate as Financial Aid's Return of Title IV Funds Formula. Because of this, Federal Title IV Aid recipients who withdraw from the University during the first eight weeks of the semester may still owe a balance to the University.

To determine the amount of tuition you must pay if you withdraw early from a short session, please contact the Bursar's Office , at 724-938-4431, or Global Online, at 724-938-5958.


Refund Policy Percentages

< 8.56%

8.57- 12.49%

12.50 - 19.43%

19.44 - 26.38%

26.39 - 33.32%

GT 33.33%

0% Charge

20% Charge

40% Charge

50% Charge

60% Charge

100% Charge