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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

Spiritual development is an integral part of the process of education and human growth. Cal U's campus ministry fosters student life through character development, prayer, learning, service and social interaction. The ministry offers:

  • Bible studies
  • Social gatherings
  • Service projects
  • Fellowship groups
  • Prayer groups
  • Small learning groups
  • Informal counseling
  • Spiritual direction
  • Religious literature
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Retreats and conferences
  • Alternative weekend activities
  • Intercollegiate activities
  • Religious services

Chaplains representing various faiths participate and put students in touch with priests, ministers, clerics or rabbis of their chosen denomination.

The United Christian Campus Ministry of California helps to meet the needs of students at Cal U by offering fellowship groups, informal counseling, Bible studies, service opportunities and more.The Protestant chaplain is funded by the United Christian Campus Ministry Council of California in cooperation with the Coalition for Christian Outreach.

The Catholic chaplain is supported by the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Visit campus ministry, call or e-mail for more information.

STAND Campus Ministry
Students Taking a New Direction, or STAND, is an inter-denominational ministry designed to help students explore Christianity and help those who are already followers of Christ grow deeper in their faith. So whether you are interested in just checking it out or building some close friendships and growing in your relationship with Christ, come and join us.

The group sings praise and worship songs, prays together and has a local pastor, campus minister or ministry leader share a message from the Scriptures. STAND is active in serving the community and partnering with local churches, along with frequently gathering for socials.

The professional campus minister overseeing the group is sponsored by the United Christian Campus Ministry Council and the Coalition for Christian Outreach. The group is founded on the four pillars of:

• Scripture

• Prayer

• Fellowship

• Service


Cal ROCKS (Catholic Campus Ministry)

Reaching Out for Catholic Kinship, or Cal ROCKS, is an organization that has been developed to foster fellowship and learning opportunities among Catholic University students. This organization does not only provide students with an opportunity to further their faith, but also to learn about the history and development of the Catholic church. All students, regardless of denomination, are welcome to learn and participate in fellowship with this organization.



Contact Campus Ministry

STAND Campus Ministry

  • Pete Ware
  • STAND Campus Ministry
  • Natali Student Center
  • Room 143
  • 724-938-4375

Campus Ministry meets during the school year.

STAND meets:

  • 9 p.m. Wednesdays in Morgan Hall Auditorium

Catholic Campus Ministry


Campus Ministry meets during the school year.

Campus Catholic Mass:

  • 7 p.m. Sundays, Room 207
  • Natali Student Center

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