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A picture of the Eberly building at Cal U.A picture of the Eberly building at Cal U.

Events and Outreach

Developing Leaders through Entrepreneurship


Prepare to be Amazing

February 7, 2013 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm in Duda 103

This dynamic presentation will include the factors that create success in life and in business, provide examples of how to apply these factors to your entrepreneurial vision, and teach participants how to develop a mindset that removes self-imposed roadblocks.   See what you are capable of when you prepare to succeed.  Dare to be Amazing!  What do you have to lose?  This free presentation is open to everyone.  There will be lots of free giveaways and prizes.  You won't want to miss this event!

Learn more about this program by downloading the program flyer or by viewing the Simply Amazing Blog.    

Ice House Training Program

Begins in March 2013 

This eight-week program is designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental concepts of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it provides. Based on the book, "Who Owns the Ice House: Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur," this highly interactive program identifies the beliefs behind the behaviors that leads to entrepreneurial success. Using timeless examples along with present-day testimonials from real-life entrepreneurs, participants will be inspired and empowered to accomplish extraordinary things.  While developing an entrepreneurial mindset is vital for entrepreneurs, everyone can benefit from being more entrepreneurial.  Companies need entrepreneurial employees, organizations need entrepreneurial volunteers, churches need entrepreneurial missionaries, sport teams need entrepreneurial coaches, everything functions better when people have an entrepreneurial mindset.  Don't miss this life-changing event.  Space is limited, so reserve your place today by emailing Kelly Hunt at  This event, including book and materials, is free for all Cal U students, staff, faculty, and alumni.  For more information on the Ice House Training Program, view their website or watch the video below.