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Student Center

The Elmo Natali Student Center has all the comforts of home for a student, while providing quality conference services. Located in the heart of the California campus (directly off Third Street), the Student Center has the Food Court, Flatz, Prime House Sub & Sushi, Cal U Student Bookstore, billiard room, Multimedia Access Center (MAC) Lab and a variety of campus offices.

The Natali Student Center is part of the ACUI, Association of College Unions International. What does this mean for you? Jobs, scholarships and tournaments to name a few. Check out their site at

Click on the links below to learn more about the history and services housed in the Natali Student Center. 

Students walk out of Natali Student Center. Link to auxiliary servicesCommuter services link.Link to off-campus housing. Link to student government. Link to emerging leadersLink to media servicesRead more about Greek Life at Cal U. Student praying- photo link to campus ministry program at Cal U. Student dancing - photo link to Student Activities. Students play dodgeball - photo link to recreation and fitness servicessStudent uses computer in office - photo link to offices