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Student Health Insurance

Good health is an integral part of your California University of Pennsylvania experience. Although health insurance is not required for your visit to the University Health Center, Cal U strongly recommends that all students have medical insurance coverage. 

The campus Health Center offers a variety of healthcare services for Cal U students, but it does not have any contracts for direct payment to any health insurance companies for clinic or ancillary services, and it does not bill any insurance companies directly

You are responsible for paying all bills for clinic visits, medications, lab work and certain procedures that you may need outside of the Cal U Health Center.

If you are not currently covered by a health insurance plan, it is recommended that you visit to explore your options for coverage on the insurance marketplace.

Read an open letter to students from Pennsylvania's Office of the Insurance Commissioner. 

International Student Insurance Requirement

Healthcare in the United States is very expensive. California University of Pennsylvania requires all international students to have health insurance coverage in case you have an emergency or need medical care while you are studying here.

If you have health insurance from your home country, you must:

  • Verify that it covers your medical expenses in the United States.
  • Be sure to bring your insurance card and contact information when you come to campus.
  • Keep proof of insurance in your wallet in case of emergency.

Short-term healthcare insurance is available for international students who do not already have a plan that will cover their care in the United States. Students can purchase insurance online with a credit card or request a brochure and mail a check or money order. 

These are among the insurance providers wo offer plans most commonly purchased by international students: