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University Health Insurance Policy

Cal U highly recommends that all students have medical insurance coverage.  Although the Health Center offers a variety of health care services for Cal U students, it is unable to offer comprehensive health care particularly pertaining to trauma and chronic or severe illnesses, as well as certain diagnostic testing or specialist services.  Therefore, a personal insurance plan is a crucial supplement designed to support students’ health care needs while attending college.

Read an open letter to students from Pennsylvania's Office of the Insurance Commissioner. 

Below is information for a student health insurance program offered by Consolidated Health Plans:

  • Information on the annual policy period dates and cost can be found in the letter that was emailed to each student's home address.
  • Consolidated Health Plan accesses Cigna, a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) that provides national access.
  • Personalized identification cards will be issued to each student participating in the plan.
  • A summary of benefits can be found here: Summary of Benefits

If you do not have other insurance coverage, you are encouraged to consider this endorsed insurance plan.  Please read the information carefully.  If you wish to enroll, contact Consolidated Health Plans directly at the address below, or go online to

Consolidated Health Plans

Enrollment Department

2077 Roosevelt Avenue

Springfield, MA  01104



Timothy Susick, D.Ed.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs