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Alcohol and Other Drug Support Groups

Cal Clean & Sober Group

Cal Clean & Sober is a weekly support group for students who are (or wish to be) in recovery from addiction. The group meets at 6 p.m. Thursdays in The PARC office. Meetings are facilitated by the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Specialist, but mostly are run by group members themselves. This is solely a support and psycho-educational group, not a therapy group. Its purpose is to build support systems within the University, strengthen the recovery efforts of students and allow students to form healthy relationships and set boundaries.

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Options is a peer education program designed to bring alcohol and drug safety awareness and education to the campus and the community. Options aims to reduce binge and underage drinking and dangerous drug use; increase students’ factual knowledge about drugs and alcohol; give students fun alternatives to drinking; and provide students with the tools they need to help others who are at risk for use of alcohol and other drugs. 

To assist in prevention efforts on and off campus, student members of Options can be nationally certified as BACCHUS peer educators. Peer educators train others in prevention, education, mentoring and motivational interviewing techniques so that students can make healthier decisions about drug and alcohol use.

Some Options programs and events include:

  • Tiki Bar – A luau party with an island vibe where tasty, non-alcoholic beverages are served along with brief educational presentations.
  • Health Education – Presentations on alcohol and other drugs given by peer educators in classrooms and other organizational settings.
  • Red Watch Band – A two-part program that includes learning how to save a life through American Red Cross-certified CPR training, and education about alcohol safety that emphasizes the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and strategies to respond.