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Screening and Intervention Programs

Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) and Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students (CASICS) are preventive intervention programs to reduce risky behaviors and the harmful consequences of alcohol and marijuana use. BASICS targets students who are considered at risk because of heavy drinking behaviors, whereas CASICS targets to reduce risky behaviors and the harmful consequences of marijuana use.

The brief intervention relies primarily on a motivational interview to provide students with skills, knowledge and insight into the consequences of drinking.

In BASICS or CASICS sessions, students meet one-to-one with a facilitator.* Two 45- to 60-minute sessions, typically two weeks apart, are required to complete the program.

  • Session I: Students meet the facilitator, are oriented to the program, answer interview questions and are given assignments to complete.
  • Session II: Students receive a personalized feedback profile based on the information obtained from interviews and questionnaires completed during Session I. Students review the profile with the facilitator and, if appropriate, identify potential changes that could help to reduce their risk for developing future alcohol- or marijuana-related problems. 

Participation is open to any Cal U student. Students who have been cited by the Office of Student Conduct or University Housing for violations of the Student Code of Conduct involving the use of alcohol and/or other drugs are required to participate.

Students who express and/or demonstrate greater difficulty in coping with alcohol or other drugs may be referred to a counselor in the Cal U Counseling Center. Students also may schedule a voluntary appointment with an Addictions Specialist on campus. 

Note: Cal U does not maintain a treatment facility, so a student may be referred to an outside treatment agency.

*BASICS/CASICS facilitators are not licensed counselors. They have been trained to provide alcohol and/or marijuana assessment and feedback. Assessment is done for educational purposes only. If a student requires a definite diagnosis or treatment for clinical issues, he/she will be referred to Cal U Counseling Center, 724-938-4056.

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For more information on BASICS or CASICS, call 724-938-5507 or e-mail

To schedule an appointment to speak with an Addictions Specialist, call 724-938-4056.