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Meet the Dining Services ManagersMeet the Dining Services Managers

Meet Cal U's Dining Service Managers

The management team strives every day to serve you the freshest selections available.

Kiran Nunna Resident District Manager 724-938-5820
Greg McGranahan Resident Director 724-938-4228
Jeremy Bosley Culinary Director of Operations 724-938-4184
Billy Cowherd Sustainability & Community Relations 724-493-5942
Mary Ann Catering Director 724-938-1602
Christina Weaver Office Manager / AR Manager 724-938-4555
Dana Bickerton Board Dining Chef 724-938-4555
Rick Wilson Sous Chef 724-938-4555

Carrie Frobe

Retail Director
Leandra Shonts Retail Manager  724-938-4964

Levi Shonts

Sycamore Chef
Megan Ruse General Manager of Board Operations


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