After You Have Moved In

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Student walk across Cal U's CampusStudent walk across Cal U's Campus

After You Have Moved In

A student rides a bike on campus. Find yourself in a community

Community assistants serve as leaders and facilitators within each hall. These students (graduate or undergraduate) live on designated floors and assist in overall operation. All are available through an on-call system 24 hours a day, with schedules and contact information posted throughout the building. The community assistants dedicate considerable time and effort to developing community. They help students understand and comply with University and residence hall rules, and they plan programs and activities to help make the most of the residence hall experience.

Residence hall directors supervise each hall and work to ensure living on campus is productive and safe. These professionals (who have master's degrees related to education and student development) live in the halls. The residence hall directors assist individuals and student groups, encourage community development, promote academic success, handle hall conduct issues, supervise student staff and act as the liaison for facility issues.

New Student Orientation

You and other first-year students will get to know more about the Cal U community during Orientation, which is held before the start of fall semester classes. Here you'll learn about the University's mission, history and traditions, and fellow students will guide you in sessions devoted to important topics such as time management and personal finance. Plenty of fun activities will give you a chance to meet new friends.

Many, many activities

Community assistants and the residence hall councils plan multiple activities for residents each semester. In addition, the Inter-Residence Hall Council, representing students from all the halls, helps plan events, fundraisers and service projects.

Across campus, the Student Activities Board, the Student Association Inc. and more than 100 clubs and organizations sponsor countless events and programming.