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renter's checklistrenter's checklist

Renter's Checklist

Consider the following questions to ask the landlord about the property available for rent:

The Lease

□   What type of property is it?

□   What is the rent price?

□   What utilities is the tenant(s) responsible for?

  • What is the average cost of utilities?

□   How many tenants are permitted?

□   Are there pets and/or children allowed? If yes, is there an extra charge?

□   What is the process of applying to lease this property (i.e. application, sign a lease, security deposit, first month rent, etc.)?

The Property

□   Who is responsible for cutting the grass/shoveling snow?

□   Do you provide regular exterminating services?

□   What are the restrictions with regards to guest visits, parties, etc.?

□   Will the apartment/house be ready for occupancy at the start of the lease?

□   What are the dimensions of the rooms, furniture, etc.?

□   How is the house heated (gas or electric)?

□   Is air conditioning available?

□   Can I decorate the rooms (i.e. hanging pictures on the wall, painting, etc.)?

□   Are there draperies, curtains, or blinds for the windows?

□   Is the interior of the property reasonably clean?

□   Is there any damage or distortions to the structure of the property?

  • Walls, carpets, flooring, etc.

□   Which appliances are included with the house?

  • Do they run on gas or electric?
  • Who is responsible for fixing them if they break?

□   Is the house/apartment furnished?

□   Is there laundry available in the building?

□   Is there sufficient lighting in the apartment/house?

□   Do all light fixtures and power outlets work?

□   Is there a phone jack?

□   Do the hot and cold water faucets, shower, sinks, and toilet function properly (i.e. no leaking, drain quickly, etc.)?

□   Is there reasonable storage space?

□   Are there proper containers for disposal (garbage and recycling bins)?

  • Is there recycling pick-up? When?

□   Who lives next door/ in the building/ in adjoining apartments?

□   How close are the university, grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and entertainment to the apartment/house?

Safety and Security Questions

□   Does the property have a current occupancy permit that was granted by the local municipality?

  • Does this property meet the code of licensure?
  • Did this property pass inspection for this year?

□   Are there working smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers?

  • Do they meet the health and safety standards?

□   Where is the mailbox? Where can I pick up my mail?

□   What if I lose my key?

□   Is the exterior light sufficient?

□   Where are the emergency exits to the facility?

□   Are the doors and windows to the building/apartment/house sturdy, and locked?

  • Does the building have a security system?

□   In the case of an accident that results in damage to the property, who is responsible for the damages?


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