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Vulcan Village

Vulcan Village is Cal U’s campus-affiliated apartment community, which is located next to Adamson Stadium and Roadman Park, just 1.5 miles from main campus. Vulcan Village is owned by the Student Association, Inc. (SAI) and managed by EdR, Inc., one of the largest student housing management companies in the nation. The property is comprised of 10 three-story buildings with a total of 199 apartments and 768 beds. Each fully-furnished apartment is complete with a full-size stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer, and dryer. 

Vulcan Village offers a number of other amenities and features, including:

·     Individualized leases per bed

·     All utilities included (i.e., water, electric, garbage removal, recycling, internet, basic cable TV)

·     Free parking

·     Outdoor sand volleyball court

·     Basketball court

·     Salt-water swimming pool

·     Fitness center with 24/7 access

·     Clubhouse with billiards and foosball tables with 24/7 access

·     Computer lab with printing capabilities

·     An on-site eatery (“Flatz Express”) that is open during the school year

·     Property-wide wireless internet

·     Live-in student community assistant (CA) staff

·     After-hours staff response

·     Weekend courtesy officer patrols

·     Live-in assistant director

·     On-site maintenance with online maintenance work order system

Vulcan Village also provides its residents with both educational and social activities. The Vulcan Village staff takes pride in creating positive relationships with its residents and encourages them to be active members of our community.

Vulcan Village can be contacted by calling (724) 938-8990 or emailing us at You can also find out more by going to


What types of apartments are available?

There are three different floor plans available, including a 4x4 (four bedroom / four bathroom), a 4x2 (four bedroom / two bathroom), and a 2x2 (two bedroom / two bathroom). There are 432 beds in the 4x4 style, 336 in the 4x2 style, and 24 in the 2x2 style. You can view floor plans by going to

How do I apply to live at Vulcan Village?

You can simply apply online by going to and clicking on the “Apply Online” button. There is a non-refundable $25.00 application fee and non-refundable, one-time $200.00 service fee for new residents. Students renewing with Vulcan Village only have to pay the $25.00 application fee year-to-year.

Can I use by Financial Aid for Vulcan Village?

Yes - but you must pay your first rent installment of each semester out-of-pocket. You must also have enough excess financial aid showing in your account to cover the cost of each semester minus the first installment you paid (i.e., excess financial aid is the amount of funds that are remaining in your account after tuition and all other costs are taken out before Vulcan Village charges are added).  You will be given a financial aid addendum that must be completed to permit the Vulcan Village staff to place housing charges on your university account.

Do I need to pay any utilities?

No - all utilities are included with your rent. There is, however, an electricity price cap of $190.00 per apartment per month ($120.00 for 2x2 apartments). If the residents in the apartment go over this cap, they simply pay for the difference divided among the residents who live in the apartment. As long as students are not wastefully using electricity, there typically are not overages charged.

What is included in the rent that I pay?

·     All utilities (electricity, water, sewage, cable, internet, etc.)

·     24/7 access to the clubhouse, fitness center, computer lab, volleyball court, and basketball court

·     Access to the salt-water pool from 10am-10pm

·     Free Parking

·     Educational and social activities

·     Live-in student community assistant (CA) staff

·     Weekend courtesy officer patrols

·     Emergency after-hours maintenance

·     Live-in assistant director

Do the apartments close during breaks?

No - you lease the apartment from us for either 10 or 12 months, and you are free to come and go as you please.

How can I become a Community Assistant?

 Apply online at to be considered for a community assistant position.

How does parking work at Vulcan Village?

Parking at Vulcan Village is FREE to residents who have a lease. The campus Parking and Transportation Department monitors and patrols Vulcan Village parking lots. If you are a resident you must register your vehicle with them; they are located in the library behind the children’s section on the first level. You must display your tag on your rear-view mirror.

What if I have a visitor that needs to park?

If your visitor has a vehicle, they need to register the vehicle with the Vulcan Village office and receive a visitor parking pass. Visitors are only permitted to park in the lot between the swimming pool and Building 6 as designated by the Visitors’ Parking signs. You must also accompany your visitors while they are on property.

How can I get to and from campus?

Bus service runs from Vulcan Village to campus every day. You don't have to wait long for the Vulcan Flyer. Shuttles hit the road early every Monday through Friday, and buses run regularly until 10 p.m. Weekend service runs until 8 p.m. A shuttle is scheduled to arrive at your stop every 15 minutes during peak hours. You can find out more information about the Vulcan Flyer and MMTVA buses by going to