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Print Management

To decrease both waste and printing costs while supporting “green” initiatives on campus, Cal U has implemented a Print Management System that will go into effect at the start of the Fall 2013 semester.

The Print Management System sets a print quota based on a dollar value for use of the three ICF Open Lab networked printers in Noss Hall. 

How does it work?

Each enrolled student receives a $25 credit at the start of each semester. This is equal to 500 single-sided or 312 double-sided pages 

Directions for using the ICF printers are available in Noss Hall, Room 219. Jobs can be sent to these printers from the ICF Open Lab, or from your laptop, smartphone or tablet — even if you’re off campus.

For off-campus printing, send documents via e-mail to

When you send a print job to the ICF printers, it will be held in the system until you go to Noss Hall, swipe your CalCard and release the print job. Charges are NOT deducted from your account until the pages are released and printed.

When your account balance reaches $0, you will not be able to release your print jobs. You may add more pages to your print quota by visiting A $5 minimum purchase is required.   Check your account balance at any time by swiping your CalCard at any print terminal.

Your initial $25 balance will be reset at the end of each semester. Money that YOU add to your account will roll over from semester to semester, but it cannot be refunded.  

Learn more about the Print Management System


Why is there a print quota?

More than 3 million pages are printed to Cal U’s computer lab printers each year. 

Excessive printing uses large volumes of paper, which can lead to deforestation. Used toner cartridges and old, worn-out printers also take up space in landfills. 

Cal U’s Print Management System will help to:

  • Reduce excessive printing.
  • Help to control the costs of paper, toner and printer maintenance.
  • Assist in conserving natural resources.
  • Deter individuals who print unnecessary documents.

Can I print from my laptop, smartphone or tablet?

Yes. An added value of the Print Management System is the ability to print from laptops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Just e-mail your documents to and pick up your print job in Noss Hall.

No matter where your print job originates, Print Management System charges will be applied when you swipe your CalCard to release the job.

Does the print quota apply to printing in residence halls, the Mac Lab or library?

Not currently. Right now, only Noss Hall printers are managed by this system.

How can I reduce my print costs?

Think about the document you intend to print. Can class assignments or papers be submitted to your professor electronically, through e-mail or Blackboard? Can you read research documents or other material online?

Remember, you can save files to your personal file space by saving to your ‘N’ drive.

How can I dispute a print charge?

If you swiped your CalCard in Noss Hall and were charged for printouts that you did not receive because of a printer error, please visit Noss Hall, Room 219 and speak with a UTech Services representative.

UTech Services will research the error and get back to you. Your account will be credited as soon as the printing logs are verified.

UTech Helpdesk - Email: - Phone - 724-938-5911

Twitter - @CalUPATech