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Email & Communication

Global Online makes a concerted effort to respond to e-mails and phone calls within 24-48 hours during the normal business week. Once you have applied and paid your application fee for one of our Global Online Programs, we require that you use your assigned University e-mail account for all communication with faculty, staff and administrators.

NOTE: Your California University e-mail address is always the first three letters of your last name, followed by a random four digits, followed by For example:

You will be able to access your email -via the Internet via any web-browser. Here are the e-mail access instructions:

To access e-mail off campus, log on to the Internet and go to; select the "Quick Links" pull-down menu and select "Check e-mail."

  • Read the notice, then click "Continue."
  • Enter your username in the appropriate location. For example: mcg1234.
  • Enter your e-mail password, which can be found by going to and clicking on "Get Your Campus Username and Password". You should change this password once you log in. We use Microsoft Exchange server for e-mail and you will not have to install any special software to access this e-mail account.
  • Click "OK" to enter and view your e-mail.

Once your University e-mail account is assigned to you, we recommend that you check it several times per week to ensure that you are getting all the information you need for your courses. All University administration, faculty, staff and classmates will communicate University-related information via your e-mail account.