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A Group Of Four Cal U Students Sitting On A Set A Stairs While Laughing With Each OtherA Group Of Four Cal U Students Sitting On A Set A Stairs While Laughing With Each Other

Awareness Training for Work-study Students

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing excellence in customer service, all work study students are required to complete a short training course in customer service.  To enable students to complete the course without disrupting their academic schedule, the course is accessible through this website.  After reviewing the course materials, all work study students are required to successfully complete a short test to confirm their understanding of the concepts presented.

The course focuses on three areas:

  • Customer Service - why it is important and what constitutes good customer service

  • Communication Skills - how to communicate effectively with visitors and callers

  • Telephone Skills and Etiquette - how to utilize the features of the phones (hold and transfer) as well as how to take messages and handle callers

Follow these steps to complete the course:

  1. You must complete the course during your scheduled work study hours at your site.

  2. The course must be completed no later than December 5.  If you cannot complete the course by that date, you must contact Academic Affairs x4407.

  3. Review the presentation (see link below).

  4. Complete the test (see link below).  Your answers must be submitted to Academic Affairs, no later December 5.  The answers must be submitted on a Scantron form; you may obtain a form from either your work study site or Academic Affairs.

  5. Include your NAME, CWID, Email, Department of employment on scantron.  Return to your Supervisor.

  6. Successful completion of the test (80% or more correct) is required of all work study students.  If you do not successfully complete the test, you may be required to attend an instructor-led course to ensure understanding of the concepts presented.

Any questions should be directed to Academic Affairs x4407.  To open the Awareness Training Presentation click on the link, which will take you to a new window.  When prompted, to download the file, click "Open" and, when loaded, allow the Java executable to take you through the training process.  Along with viewing the file, audio from the Director of Training will take you through the training.

  • For More Information
    Office Phone Number:

  • Java, from Sun Microsystems, is required to view the Awareness Training Presentation. By clicking on the following link, you will be moved to another web site where you can download Java for free.

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