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Dear Cal U Student...

Welcome to Student Affairs! Whether you want to live on campus, sign up for an intramural team, get relief for a flu bug or join one of Cal U’s clubs or organizations, Student Affairs is here to make sure you feel supported and connected. We represent a unique team for top programs, services and facilities that meet your needs outside of the classroom while helping to enhance your academic success. Everything the division of Student Affairs strives for is related to supporting our students. We believe in the principle of 'students first' and our goal is to help students reach their maximum potential as individuals and scholars. 

Student Affairs consists of a dedicated group of professionals and student leaders who are committed to creating a positive, energetic and inclusive campus community for all students. In addition to the wonderful and challenging learning experiences you will receive in our classrooms, I strongly encourage you to broaden your education by taking advantage of the many extracurricular opportunities available at Cal U. Whether you choose student government, write for the school paper, join the band, or volunteer for a worthy cause, your university education will be enriched through a deeper involvement in our campus community.

Remember, Student Affairs staff members are committed to supporting you to achieve your goals.   We are here as a resource for you, and we welcome your questions and suggestions on how we can improve student life. We want to make your experiences at Cal U rewarding and enjoyable. Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 724-938-4439, or stop by the Student Affairs Office in Natali Student Center, Suite 311.


Dr. Nancy Pinardi

 Vice President of Student Affairs

To foster holistic development, Cal U designed the following seven student learning outcomes. The Office of Student Affairs assists students in achieving all seven through University-wide programs and services.

  • Values, Morals and Ethics
  • Self-Awareness/Intrapersonal Development
  • Interpersonal/Social Development
  • Leadership and Citizenship
  • Preparation for Lifelong Learning
  • Purpose/Vocational Competence
  • Physical Development

Student Services for You

We're here to help. Stop by Student Affairs in Natali Student Center, call or e-mail your questions or concerns.

Natali Student Center
Room 311