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Two Cal U students sitting outside on campus.Two Cal U students sitting outside on campus.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

Below is a list of recommended programs. Students are not limited to these choices and are encouraged to work closely with Bessy Bennellick, director of the Office of International Programming, to find the best choice for them.

Programs by region



Combine a formal academic perspective on Ghanaian culture with field trips and tours to some of Ghana's most important historical landmarks during this summer program in Accra. Subject areas include: African culture, literature and politics. (6 weeks)

South Africa
Earn up to six credits and study at thepicturesque Stellenbosch University. Subject areas include: African studies,art, economics, geography, geology, history, law, literature, political science, sociology or an intensive service learning experience that combines an academic and a practical component. (4 weeks)

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


China (Beijing)

Study Mandarin intensively at Peking University in Beijing, and explore the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven. Educational activities include visits to the Beijing Opera, classical and popular music concerts, and acrobatics performances. College level Mandarin (1-3 years) is required to participate. (8 weeks)

China (Shanghai)
Earn up to eight credits in Mandarin language and international business in Shanghai, home to dozens of foreign and U.S.-owned companies, including Google, Microsoft, Cigna, Coca Cola, Nike,Motorola, Proctor and Gamble, and more. (5-10 weeks)
Cost: $3,595

India (Bangalore)
Study Indian culture and join fellow students as a volunteer in the Bangalore community. Participants gain personal exposure to social issues and rural life. Subject areas include: local culture,business relationships between India and the United States, Indian cuisine (no credit), Indian culture and traditions, international marketing, production management, service learning, social problems, population and poverty, "survival Hindi" (no credit), and yoga. (4 weeks)
Cost: $1,980

Korea (Seoul)
Master the art of calligraphy or Korean cuisine while learning about international business and local culture. Courses are taught are English. Subject areas include: international business, East Asian studies,international studies and Korean language. (6 weeks)

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.

Australia and New Zealand

Australia (Queensland)
Take the environmental studies course "Australian Environmental Issues: Management and Sustainability," which looks closely at the flora and fauna and special ecological issues presented by the spectacular coastal, marine and rainforest parks of eastern Queensland. Students will take at least one offshore excursion to the Great Barrier Reef.  (4 weeks)
Cost: $8,915

Australia (Perth)
Explore Australia's fascinating Aboriginal culture by learning about the Nyungar people and culture from three of Australia's leading experts. Study is in Perth, a beautiful coastal city that is one of Australia's best-kept secrets. Upon completion of the course,students will earn eight credits. (5 weeks)
Cost: $6,050

Australia and New Zealand
Gain an understanding of Australia and New Zealand's unique wilderness environments and their significance to indigenous and contemporary society. Spend three weeks in Australia and two in New Zealand studying the environment and ethics, culture and sustainability of societies. (5 weeks)
Cost: $5,300

New Zealand
Participate in a variety of leadership development activities including a physical challenge, discussions of leadership styles, and community involvement. (2 weeks)
Cost: $3,975

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


Austria (Salzburg)

Study in the foothills of the Austrian Alps and travel to London and Munich. Earn three credits in German language, plus three credits in anthropology, history or music. No previous German study is required. (4 weeks)
Cost: $5,695

Belgium (Brussels)
Study from late May to mid-July in the capital of the European Union at Vesalius College in Brussels. Subject areasinclude: modernism, art, management of art and culture, lobbying in the EU, European business law, topics in European film history, and political conflicts in Europe. (6 weeks)
Cost: $6,200

France (Pau)
Discover traditional French language and culture while staying with a family in the southern French city of Pau. Subject areas include: French language, history, art history, literature,political science and philosophy. Students earn three credits in French, plus a one-credit elective taught in English. Basic knowledge of French is recommended. (4 weeks)
Cost: $3,860

France (Paris)
Learn the French language while exploring Paris and studying the arts in English. No experience with the French language is necessary. (4 weeks)
Cost: $5,400

Germany (Berlin)
Stay at Humboldt University in Berlin and earn up to six semester credits in German language classes. Other subject areas taught in English include: business, politics, religion, culture, music, ecology and economics. (4 weeks)
Cost: $5,695

Trace the history of Greece in one of two courses designed as immersive adventures into the worlds of Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Greece. Courses are "Of Gods and the City: History, Art, and Architecture in Archaic and Classical Greece" and "On the Trail of Alexander the Great: Greek History, Art and Architecture of the Hellenistic Age." (4weeks)
Cost: $4,300

Italy (Florence)
Explore the arts, cuisine, fashion and criminal minds that have become part of Italian culture, all while studying at Florence University of the Arts. Subject areas include: Italian language, fashion marketing, international marketing, studio arts, Renaissance art, history of the Mafia and intercultural communication. (3 weeks)
Cost: $4,290

Italy (Rome)
Study at John Cabot University's campus in the historic Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, just across the river from some of Rome's greatest attractions. Subject areas include: art history and studio art, business administration, English literature, history and humanities, mathematics, natural science and computer science, languages and literature, and political and social science. Students can earn three to six credits. (4 weeks)
Cost: $4,700

Italy (Siena)
Discover the subtle treasures of Tuscany in the bustling university town of Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Summer program students take a combination of intensive Italian language and elective courses for six credits per session.
Cost: $5,950

Travel miles of pristine beaches and historic streets while studying Spanish language and culture in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Salamanca, San Sebastián, Santander, Seville, or Valencia. Subject areas include: Spanish language, history, art and architecture, cinema, grammar, and composition. Courses can be taught in English or Spanish.
Costs vary by location.

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.

Latin and Central America

Chile (Valparaiso)
Study at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, in Chile, and learn about Chilean language and culture. This program is for students with the equivalent of two semesters of college Spanish. Students earn six credits. (5 weeks)
Cost: $4,400

Costa Rica (San Jose)
Develop Spanish language skills specifically designed for students focusing on health care and medical terminology. Students will participate in an 80-hour intensive “Spanish for Health Professionals” course and a 60-hour elective that explores Costa Rica’s socialized health care system and some specific health concerns prevalent in a tropical country. Students with all levels of Spanish language are accepted. (5 weeks)
Cost: $4,500

Peru (Cusco)
Live in a field station deep in the Peruvian Amazon while conducting field research to better understand both the conflicts and synergies of conservation development. Students also can recommend future conservation strategies. (12 weeks)
Cost: $4,975

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


St. Petersburg
Gain a deeper understanding of this intriguing Russian city at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Subject areas taught in English include: art history, history, literature, political science and sociology. Russian language courses also are available. Trip includes excursions to Moscow and London. Scholarships are available. (5 weeks)
Cost: $6,495

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.

United Kingdom

England (London)
Study on-site at the Globe Theatre, learning from professional actors, directors, designers and musicians on the very spot where Shakespeare worked. Lectures and seminars will be supplemented by movement and voice workshops, scene rehearsals, a visit to the Globe exhibition, a backstage tour, and a combat and swordplay workshop. (3 weeks)
Cost: $5,795

England (London)
Participate in the International Internship Program, designed to provide an integrated learning experience that combines classroom study and an internship placement for a total of nine semester credits. This program consists of an intensive study of contemporary British culture, internship seminars and an unpaid internship. (12 weeks)
Cost: $10,495

Ireland (Limerick)
Earn three credits studying at the University of Limerick in Ireland, and travel to London and Dublin. Courses include “Screening Ireland: Ireland in Film and Television,” “Law in Ireland,” “Visual Culture in Ireland,” “Irish Life and Literature” and “Sociological Perspectives on Irish Society.”
Cost: $5,995

Ireland (Dublin)
Gain international work experience in a custom-designed internship focused on your own goals, previous work experiences and educational background. Sample placements include: banking and finance, international business, journalism, marketing and public relations, politics, psychology, social work, and travel and tourism (9 weeks).
Cost: $7,055

Northern Ireland (Belfast)
Visit Stormont Parliament and Clifton Street Cemetery in Belfast while learning about various aspects of Northern Ireland, past and present. Subject areas include: history, politics, anthropology, film and theatre, language, and literature. Queen’s University, one of the top universities in the United Kingdom, hosts this program. (3 weeks)
Cost: $2,430

Scotland (Stirling)
Earn six credits at the University of Stirling, in Scotland. Subject areas include: Green politics, Scottish history, marketing in a European context, creative writing, issues in moral philosophy, international relations, environmental history and witchcraft in early modern Scotland.
Cost: $4,420

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


Semester at Sea
Spend one month studying environmental issues aboard a cruise ship while visiting Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Honduras and Mexico.
Cost: $4,225

Earn up to nine credits while traveling by sea to Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Morocco. Subject areas include: art history, English, history, social science, political science, psychology and more.
Cost: $13,995

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.



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