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The Multicultural Center at CAL U

Multicultural Center Offers Student Resources

Did you know that Cal U offers a Multicultural Center?

The Office of Multicultural Affairs runs the center to promote greater understanding of the many cultures that comprise the Cal U community. The Multicultural Center strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment by developing programs and events honoring different cultures. The center also facilitates student exchange programs at Cal U and institutions abroad.  
Organizations and programs include:

The center serves as a resource for issues related to multiculturalism and advocates for social equity. Our mission ensures continued progress toward the realization of the University's core values of Civility, Integrity and Responsibility.

Multicultural Center Goals:

  • Increase retention and graduation rates of minority students.
  • Help minority students learn to use campus resources effectively.
  • Meet the needs of international students and provide a sense of "belonging." Also, strive to provide opportunities for international students to experience not only the American culture, but other cultures as well.
  • Enable student exchange participants to become more independent as learners.
  • Enable student exchange participants to learn more about their capabilities and limitations and develop an increased appreciation for the vast differences in ideas and values systems that exist in different geographical locations with different ethnic and racial groups.

Programs and Services

  • Provide workshops encouraging participation in campus organizations.
  • Monitor academic standing of minority students.
  • Develop a directory of minority faculty and staff who will serve as mentors to minority students.
  • Assist students in utilizing campus support services.
  • Sponsor activities that expose international students to our community and region.
  • Provide opportunities to share experiences about different cultures through the International Club and the annual International Dinner.
  • Provide opportunities for students to affordably earn credit from nearly 200 schools in the U.S. and Canada through the National Student Exchange program.
  • Provide opportunities for students to earn credit through the Cultural Experiences Abroad program, offering study abroad programs at 28 sites in 16 countries.

The Multicultural Center is located on the ground floor of Carter Hall. This building was dedicated in 2007 in honor of Jennie Adams Carter, Cal U's first African-American graduate. This area provides an environment in which individuals come to respect and appreciate cultural diversity and learn about different cultures across our country and throughout the world.

Within the center, the Carter Memorial Educational Center (rooms G14 through G30) houses the Black Student Union, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Young and Gifted Gospel Choir.

The Multicultural Affairs Offices (rooms G31 through G42) house the All Nations Room (International Club), Hispanic Student Association, National Student Exchange program, Cultural Experiences Abroad program, Rainbow Alliance and Safe Zone. The Woman's Center and END V Center offices are located in Room G45.

All of the suites are open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday Friday.

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Diversity Awareness Tips:

  •   Decide to do your part in making things better for all.
  •   Know that isolation can lead to alienation.
  •   Vary your ways of working with people to allow for their differences.
  •   Encourage those around you to appreciate differences.
  •   Respect the uniqueness of others.
  •   Share your cultural background and/or experiences with others.
  •   Interact outside of your own comfort zone.

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