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3rd Annual Strike a Spark Conference

Wednesday, April 26
9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Cal U Convocation Center 

This annual conference on research, scholarship, creative activity, and application highlights the efforts of our learning/teaching community. Across campus students and faculty work on research, they hone their scholarship, engage in creative expression, practice their skills and apply their knowledge. From painting and sculpture to historical analysis and critical critique, from graphic design to marketing plans, from fieldwork to laboratory, from you to the public, faculty and students seek, solve, design and perform.

Students and faculty regularly develop new ideas, methods, processes, and products of various kinds within and beyond their disciplines. This conference provides our campus community with a showcase and means to share those innovations with each other and with a broader public, one that extends beyond their individual disciplines and departments, and beyond campus. 

In short, this conference is all about YOU, as a member of the CalU community. Please plan to participate by presenting and attending this event. 

Keynote Speaker

At 10:50 a.m. in the South Wing of the Convocation Center, Dr. Eric (Rick) Oches, Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences at Bentley University, will present the keynote address “Developing Transdisciplinary Skills for Solving Wicked Problems”.

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Questions can be directed to Paul Hettler, FPD Coordinator, (, or Gregg Gould, Center for Undergraduate Research Director (