Bryon D. Turman

Portrait of Bryon Turman.Bryon Turman is a self-avowed hip-hop head, father and educator who is determined to ensure that African-American trials and tribulations, productivity, and creativity are included within the ivory towers of academia.

A career educator with almost 15 years of teaching experience, Turman currently is teaching two hip-hop-related courses in the English Department at North Carolina A&T State University: The History, Literary Connections and Social Relevance of Hip-hop, and Hip-hop Discourse. Each course provides students with the opportunity to think and write critically about the various ways that hip-hop music and culture influences and is affected by global popular culture.

Both courses have been offered continuously since Turman developed them in 2006.

He also teaches a survey course on hip-hop music and culture every fall semester in the African American Studies Department at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.

Turman has written for several hip-hop publications, including and Scratch magazine.

He was an invited panelist at the 63rd annual College Language Association conference held at the University of Georgia in Athens. His paper, “Hip Hop in the Academy: Why HBCU’s?” discussed the rationale for the inclusion of hip-hop-related courses at historically black colleges and universities.

Turman presented “What Happened to the Protest Music: Hip Hop and Civil Rights” at the Kerner Plus-40 Report conference co-sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies and the University of Pennsylvania, and he was an invited panelist for the Black Music Month Seminar sponsored by the Black Employees Network at American Express Inc.

He has been interviewed by several local and national publications and has made numerous appearances on local TV stations discussing the merits and complexities of hip-hop music and culture.

Turman also serves as a peer reviewer for Words. Beats. Life: The Global Journal of Hip-hop Culture. He is currently under contract with ABC-CLIO Press to produce his first book.