Mike Garrow Sr.

Photo of Mike Garrow training dog.

Mike Garrow Sr.’s experience as a dog-training expert began in 1974. 

In 1986, after completing the course, Garrow and his wife started their business, Garrow Canine Training, in Charleroi, Pa. The company, which has trained and evaluated more than 3,500 animals, specializes in obedience, protection, tracking and problem-solving for both police and civilian dogs.

In 1990 Garrow began training police work dogs as a civilian dog trainer, and he enrolled in the police academy at Cal U. After graduation, he became the first K-9 police officer in the borough of Bentleyville, Pa.

Garrow now works in Uniontown, Pa., with his fourth dog, K-9 Leonidas, and is entering his 20th year as a police dog trainer-handler.

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