Special Agent Patrick J. Howley and Kevin Grippo

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    Special Agent Patrick J. Howley and Kevin Grippo

    Special Agent Patrick J. Howley

    Special Agent Patrick J. Howley, of the Pittsburgh Division, Mon Valley Resident Agency, has been with the FBI for 16 years.  

    His investigative experiences include financial, public corruption and bank robberies, and he currently concentrates on crimes against children.  

    Previously, Howley was a public accountant in Michigan. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

    He currently is senior vice president for strategic planning at Contemporary Services Corp., the leader in event security and crowd management in the United States. 

    Kevin Grippo

    Kevin Grippo is chief of the South Connellsville (Pa.) Police Department. A 15-year veteran of law enforcement, he has been a member of the Fayette County Drug Task Force since 2000. Grippo is a task force officer with the FBI through the Pittsburgh High-Tech Crimes Task Force.

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