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    About The Faculty Speakers

    Dr. Mathhew J. Price

    Dr. Matthew J. Price joined the faculty at California University in 2005. An associate professor, he teaches organic chemistry and biochemistry courses and enjoys supervising student research projects. Dr. Price also is a co-adviser to the Cal U Chemistry Club. 

    Dr. William Dieterle

    Dr. William Dieterle joined the Department of Chemistry and Physics as a physicist in 2000. He holds a Ph.D. in particle physics from the University of California, Berkeley and has spent more than 35 years in the academic, industrial and government scientific communities, including 13 years in industrial applications. Dr. Dieterle has authored and co-authored more than 70 publications. At Cal U he has performed research in new methods for teaching upper-level mathematics concepts in physics, nanoscience applications at the undergraduate level, and microfluidics.

    Dr. Gregg Gould

    Dr. Gregg Gould joined the Cal U faculty in 1991 — the first hire in the Chemistry and Physics Department since 1968 and by far its youngest member. He served as department chair from 2003-2008 and now is the department’s most senior member. Dr. Gould has contributed to a rebirth of Cal U’s chemistry program, which has culminated in implementation of a modern, challenging and innovative curriculum. A significant aspect of this achievement has been the addition of four talented, dynamic, hardworking and creative faculty colleagues in chemistry, and he has found the energy of these younger colleagues to be a very positive motivator.