Printing Services at Cal U


Welcome to University Printing Services

University Printing Services Offers a Variety of Printing Options for University Departments Only.  We would like to serve you to the best of our ability for all of your printing needs.

Printing Options Available:

            Color Printing

            Black and White Printing





            Binding           (Perfect Bind and Black Plastic Folder Binds)

            Large Format Printing

Examples of what is available, but not limited to:

Hard Copy Originals

Single Page printing is available in Black and White and Color. 

Front and Back printing is available in Black and White or Color.

Cal U Tri-fold Paper can only be used in conjunction with the Black and White printer to create a Tri-fold brochure.  These documents are always two-sided.

Tri-Fold printing when not using Cal U tri-fold paper.  These types of tri-folds are usually done on a heavy weight paper or cardstock.   They generally are full-bleed documents and are cut to size, creased and folded.

Booklet printing for Binding.  You can make the entire document Color or you can have a Color Front and Back Cover and Black and White insides, or the entire document can be Black and White print.  The methods that we use for binding is Stapling, Perfect Bind (Color only) and Black Plastic Folder Binds. 

Booklet printing with saddle stapling.  (Please remember that you will need originals in series of 4’s.  For example 4 pages, 8 pages, 12 pages, etc.)  If you do not have a series of 4 pages, you will need to add blanks where appropriate or the program will add them for you, and usually not in a very good spot!  This printing option is available in Black and White or Color.  You can also choose to have a Color Cover and black and white insides, which is a cost saving method!

Program printing is available (see above)

Bookmarks are a great way to get a message out to students and is cost effective!

Brochures/Program Sheets are generally done on special medias.


Note/Thank You Cards

Envelopes           (Not CALU #10 Envelopes that are associated with Letterhead!)

University Business Cards

Large Format Posters

We DO NOT print CALU Letterhead or CALU Envelopes…. Please contact Purchasing


ALL PRINT JOBS need to be e-mailed to and should include:

            Cost center

            Attach Material to be printed

            Explanation on how to complete the print job ex.:

  1. Please print the attached document Front and back/ B&W/Left corner staple, 100 finished documents on generic white paper.    Please email me when they are completed.
  2. Please print the attached document converting to a Booklet with Saddle Staple.  I would like the Front Cover to be Color/Printed Front and Back.  The insides of the document can be printed Black and White.  Please use 28 lb. paper for the cover and generic white for the insides.  I would like to see a PROOF before all of the prints are completed.   Total to be printed after proof 134.   Thank you.           

University Business Cards

            Business Cards are ordered online at  Information to include in your email is:   Cost center, Department Name, Person’s Name, Person’s Title(s), Phone number and Fax Number.  The minimum order for Business cards is 5 sheets (100 cards).  Expect a minimum of a 2-3 week turnaround on Business Cards and longer if it is during our Peak Weeks.

 Large Format Posters

            When you design your Poster it should be designed the size that you want it printed, ex. 20” x 28”.    You can use many programs for designing EXCEPT Word.  When you have completed the design save it as a pdf and email it to  If the design is too large please bring it to us on a flash drive.  There are several types of media used for posters.  We are able to add grommets for hanging purposes.  Expect a 2-3 week turnaround on posters.


            No Cost Center

            No Media Listed

            No Finishing Mentioned

            Did not attach the Documents

            Not the correct Format for Booklet, Large Format Posters, etc.

Please do not “borrow” the Cal U Logo without permission from Marketing.  If the logo has been used in your document and “skewed” in any way, we have the right not to print the document.

Peak Printing Weeks are:

          Last week of July until the end of September

          First week of January until the middle of February

          First week of April through Graduation   

It will be necessary for Printing Services to have extra time to process orders during the Peak Weeks.  Please plan accordingly.

 University Printing Services strives to complete all printing in a timely manner.  We value our customers and wish for you to let us know how we can better serve you.