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Office of Purchasing

The Office of Purchasing is dedicated to managing the effective and efficient procurement of quality goods and services in compliance with all University and Commonwealth procedures.

The Purchasing Office is the custodian of allocated budgets. We do not tell you how to spend it; rather, we are here to help you comply with all University and Commonwealth procedures. We are here to answer questions you might have about ordering goods and services for your department from your budget, whether it be through grant funds or allocated monies.

Among the specific topics we can help you to address are attorney services, equipment repair and insurance. We also can help you return material to a vendor for an exchange or credit.

Note that contracts cannot be used to create an employee-employer relationship.

The Purchasing Office Director is responsible for Purchasing and Receiving, Meet our staff.

Office location: Dixon Hall, Room L-9

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Phone: 724-938-4430
Fax:  724-938-4512