Important Safety Updates


(first issued 9/20/2010)

The California University Police Department and the Student Government Association encourage all  students, faculty and staff to take some commonsense approaches to their personal safety and security:

  • Secure your personal property by locking the doors and windows to your personal residence, residence hall rooms and vehicles. Do not leave expensive items such as GPS units, cell phones, iPods, computers, etc. in plain view or in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Secure those items in the trunk of your vehicle or take them with you.
  • After dark, always walk or travel with at least one other person. Have your cell phone in hand with 911 and the University Police number (724-938-4299) pre-programmed in your contacts or set as a speed-dial function. You can call our department at any time to report an unsafe condition or a safety concern (on or off campus), and we will notify the proper agency to correct any problems.
  • If you are confronted or threatened by an individual or a group, do NOT argue or further the confrontation. Leave the area and report the incident to the police department immediately.
  • If the police are summoned to an area where you are located and you are told to disperse or leave the area, please comply with the officers' directions. Do not argue or refuse to leave; do not merely walk a few feet away. More often than not, the officers have been summoned to the location because of reports of a disorderly crowd or loud and boisterous behavior that needs to be addressed. Arguing or resisting the orders of the police may result in the issuance of citations or physical arrests.
  • If you observe a physical confrontation or a fight, don't intervene. Call the police and let them handle the incident. If at any time you observe a weapon, see a weapon or are threatened with a weapon, call the police immediately, from a safe location. Again, this is not a situation that you are equipped to handle and this type of situation must be handled by the police department before it escalates into a life-threatening situation.
  • If you or your friends will be drinking alcohol, NEVER drive or get into a vehicle without a designated driver.
  • If a member of your party or a friend becomes so intoxicated that he or she passes out, don't let them "sleep it off" - get them immediate medical attention! Take the individual to the health center, call an ambulance or call the police. If you are willing to save your friend's life, the University police are willing to work with you and not issue a citation.