Sexual Harassment TrainingSexual Harassment Training

Preventing Sexual Harassment Training

Through the services of Workplace Answers, the Office of Social Equity offers online training to administration, faculty, staff, and students of California University of Pennsylvania.

  • Do you know the definition of sexual harassment?
  • Can you recognize a hostile environment?
  • Have you read California University's policy statement on equal opportunity and social equity?

If you answered 'No' to any of these questions, this course is for you.

On October 8, 2009, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) mandated that all universities conduct sexual harassment awareness training with new students. Additionally, the University is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects persons from sex discrimination in educational programs and activities at institutions that receive federal financial assistance. California University of Pennsylvania provides many resources to administration, faculty, staff, and students to address concerns relating to discrimination on the basis of sex, which includes sexual misconduct. To this end, California University of Pennsylvania also offers online training regarding Title IX legislation.

California University of Pennsylvania and the Office of Social Equity is requiring that all personnel (administration, faculty, and staff), along with all students complete annually the online Preventing Sexual Harassment training (either as a First Time User, or the Refresher the second year and thereafter), along with the Title IX Awareness and Violence Prevention training.

Likewise, all employees of Cal U along with all student workers (Work-Study Students, Graduate Assistants, and Interns) are required annually to complete the online Preventing Employment Discrimination training.

Preventing Sexual Harassment:

Step 1:  Log on at:

Step 2:  Click on the blue arrow marked "Continue"

Step 3:  Choose the "First Time Users" if you are a new employee or a new current student, or you are taking this training for the first time. Since this training is required annually, you will choose "Refresher" if you have completed this training previously.

Step 4:  Click on the appropriate edition

Step 5:  Move through the program by clicking the blue arrows marked "Continue"

Be advised that you must start and finish the program in one sitting; it cannot be saved. Average completion time is one hour.

  • Enter your name at the end of the program to receive credit.
  • Print out the certificate for your own records.
  • If you do not have a printer or printing access at the time of completion of this training, then "copy and paste" your Certificate into a word processing document and save it accordingly.

All questions regarding the Preventing Sexual Harassment Title IX Training programs should be directed to the Office of Social Equity at (724) 938-4014.