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Grants and Contracts Subcommittee

Grants are defined as money given for a specific purpose. In academia, faculty may receive grants for the performance of research, service projects, enhancing or developing pedagogical skills, and/or equipment and supplies needed to facilitate the aforementioned areas. Generally, grants are awarded based on the merit of a proposal written for said monies.


The purpose of the Grants-and Contracts Subcommittee is:

  1. assisting faculty with finding appropriate funding sources;
  2. work to encourage faculty to write proposals to help meet contractual obligations for tenure and promotion;
  3. aid faculty in the writing process by taking part in the editing process in order to help faculty use appropriate content and writing style germane to grant proposal;
  4. sponsoring grant-writing workshops for faculty.

The Grants-and Contracts Subcommittee should be a resource on campus for faculty interested in finding independent funding for their professional development.

Grants and Contracts Subcommittee Members

Michael Perrotti
Department of Secondary Education and Administrative Leadership

Jim Bove
Department of Art and Design

Weifeng Chen
Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Systems

Laura Giachetti
Department of Academic Development Services

Louise Nicholson
Department of Biological and Environmental Science