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The Faculty Professional Development Committee (FPDC) consists of four elected tenure-track or tenured faculty representatives, two academic managers appointed by the President of California University of Pennsylvania, the FPDC Center Coordinator, and Chairs of the five FPDC subcommittees.


  • determines, with input from faculty and management, the thematic emphasis for an academic year;
  • promotes workshops, presentations, forums, etc., which encompass all areas of scholarship;
  • develops criteria, evaluates proposals which have been endorsed by the appropriate dean, makes awards, monitors expenditures, and evaluates the report of results for awards;
  • recruits faculty for the State System of Higher Education Summer Teaching Academy and recommends those faculty to the president or his/her designee;
  • receives recommendations for workload equivalency awards from the subcommittees and makes recommendations to the president for his/her designee;
  • coordinates on-campus grant activities and supports external grantsmanship;
  • informs, in writing, all faculty who apply for grants, workload equivalencies, or other services of the Committee's action regarding such applications;
  • oversees the Center, assists in an advisory capacity, and evaluates the Center's overall program and the functions of the coordinator;
  • assists the subcommittees on Teaching and Learning, Service and Service-Learning, ResearchTechnology and Grants and Contracts, by furnishing clerical and organizational support allocating and monitoring expenditures of funds as well as providing Committee and managerial clarification upon request; and
  • ascertains faculty professional development needs and plans, and implements/ evaluates programs to address these needs.


The FPD Committee coordinates FPD activities for the University and serves as a conduit for the State System FPD Council and its various programs.

The University President appoints two academic managers to the FPDC, designating one of them as the management representative to the System FPD Council; faculty members from each undergraduate college (and the non-teaching faculty) are elected as the faculty representatives to the FPD Council. The Committee facilitates FPD through several subcommittees and the FPD Center. The Chair (or Co-Chair) of each of the five subcommittees (elected by the committee members), the Coordinator of the Faculty Center, and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research serve as members. The Committee elects its chair annually and selects the faculty representative to the System FPD Council.

The Committee meets bi-weekly during the fall and spring semesters and is available during the summer as needed.


Members of the Faculty Professional Development Committee

Kyle Fredrick
FPDC Chair
Representing the Eberly College of Science and Technology
Department of Earth Sciences

Nicole Evanick
Chair of the Service and Service-Learning Subcommittee
Department of Nursing Department

Scott Hargraves
Representing the College of Education and Human Services
Department of Health Science

Paul Hettler
Faculty Center Coordinator
Department of Business and Economics

Brent House
Representing the College of Liberal Arts
Department of English

Leandro Junes
Co-Chair of the Research Subcommittee
Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Systems

Mark Lennon
Chair of the Technology Subcommittee
Department of Business and Economics

John Massella
Representing Non-teaching Faculty
Counseling Center

Michael Perrotti
Chair of the Grants and Contracts Subcommittee
Department of Secondary Education and Administrative Leadership

Michelle Torregano
Co-Chair of the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee
Department of Childhood Education

Stephen Whitehead
Associate Provost of Innovation/Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Management Representative
Mohamed Yamba
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Management Representative

Faculty Professional Development Organizational Structure

The FPDC oversees the program through activities developed and supported by the Center and various FPD subcommittees. All FPD activities follow established policies and procedures approved by the FPDC, the Provost, the President and the Council of Trustees of the University.

FPDC Organizational Structure



Grants and Contracts


Service and Service-Learning

Teaching and Learning


Contact the FPDC

Faculty Professional Development Center

Paul Hettler, Center Coordinator

Patricia McClain, FPD Program Assistant

Azorsky 134
250 University Avenue
California, PA 15419-1394

FAX 724-938-4370

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