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Teaching and Learning Subcommittee

Broadly defined, teaching is the formal and informal professional activity by faculty that fosters and enhances student learning or academic achievement. It includes, but is not limited to, faculty commitment to:

  1. remaining current and knowledgeable in one's discipline
  2. being knowledgeable about various teaching techniques
  3. being knowledgeable about various assessment techniques
  4. being knowledgeable about up-to-date support materials, such as videos, handouts, software, technology, newspaper and magazine articles, etc.
  5. interacting with students in and out of the classroom as both instructor and advisor
  6. motivating student learning
  7. being knowledgeable about advising techniques, practices and support materials, as appropriate in the classroom or in advising.


In an effort to realize the goal of enhancing the mission of student learning, the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee will promote, advocate, develop and support an interest in and concern for scholarship of teaching in individual faculty, departments, colleges and the campus as a whole. It will do this by determining faculty teaching needs; developing, arranging and promoting opportunities and resources to encourage creative teaching; and providing a variety of means to offer recognition for excellence and scholarship in teaching. The Teaching and Learning Subcommittee will also support, through its activities and awards, the University's three core values of civility, integrity, and responsibility.

Teaching and Learning Subcommittee Members


Michelle Torregano 
Department of Childhood Education

Kimberly Vanderlaan
Department of English

Billie Jo Arnold
Department of English

Chadwick Hanna
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Denise Joseph
Department of Communication Disorders

Keat Murray
Department of English

T. Thao Pham
Department of Social Work

Samantha Procaccini
Department of Communication Disorders

George Sivak
Department of Psychology

Mathilda Spencer
Department of Criminal Justice