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Budget Items and Indirect Cost Rate

To view the university's Indirect Cost Rate, click here.

Below is a list of budget items and their costs to aid in preparing your proposal's budget:

Budget Items
  • $.03 per side
  • $.04 per side (hand carried)
  • $.18 per side (color)
Mileage $.54 as of January 1, 2016
Travel $8.00 per diem (non-overnight travel)
Overnight Travel Current Rates
GA positions
  • 100 hrs/semester minimum; $1,410
  • 200 hrs/semester minimum; $2,820
  • 300 hrs/semester minimum; $4,230
Undergrad positions

 Paid no less than the current minimum wage rate of $7.25/hr:

  • 16 hrs/week (Fall/Spring)
  • 150 - 300 hrs (Summer)

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