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Two flags blow in the wind to the right of Old Main.Two flags blow in the wind to the right of Old Main.

Executive Summary

Our Mission Statement continues to influence everything that occurs at California University of Pennsylvania. Accordingly, the Cal U Strategic Plan 2009-2012 looks to it for inspiration and guidance.

This Strategic Plan is designed to help the University advance its ultimate mission of building the character as well as the careers of students. In order to succeed in this mission, the University must focus its efforts—and hence its Strategic Plan—on the three ends specified in the California University of Pennsylvania Mission Statement:

  1. Student Achievement and Success
  2. Institutional Excellence
  3. Community Service

These interrelated ends will be facilitated by the following means: high quality faculty, motivated students, challenging programs, and exceptional facilities. These means, in turn, will be funded through an energetic program of resource acquisition and stewardship.