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A picture of Old Main, featuring its iconical clock tower.A picture of Old Main, featuring its iconical clock tower.

Goal Four

To continue to incorporate continuous improvement into all programs and activities, University-wide, to ensure competitive excellence.

Objective 4.1:

Implement Process Improvement Initiatives, through the Office of the Executive Vice President, to improve University services and functions.

  • Method: Implement a Parent Portal to the University website. (See Goal 1.)
  • Method: Implement a Scholarship Stewardship Initiative.
  • Method: Implement a Productivity Initiative.
  • Method: Implement a Smart Technology Plan.
  • Method: Implement a Space Allocation and Utilization Initiative.

Success criteria: Systems review will be initiated, a plan of action will be created and recommendations for each initiative will be implemented by 2012.

Objective 4.2:

Continue to conduct the NSSE, FSSE, ACT and other institutional surveys.

  • Method: Administer NSSE, FSSE, and ACT surveys on a biannual rotation through the Office of Continuous Improvement.
  • Method: Complete and submit national institutional surveys (i.e., US News & World Report, Peterson’s, etc.).

Success criteria: The Office of Continuous Improvement will compile the survey results and the data will be used by University leadership to address the areas identified for continuous improvement.

Objective 4.3:

Publicize the process of response, review, evaluation and implementation of suggestions made through the Office of Continuous Improvement’s online suggestion box, with a goal of increasing participation.

  • Method: Implement a broader marketing/communication initiative to increase the number of suggestions received.

Success criteria: The number of suggestions received should increase by 5% annually for the next three years; the number of suggestions implemented will increase as warranted over the next three years.

Objective 4.4:

Utilize the University Data Group and Institutional Research Office to collect, refine, compile and report data to the University leadership so as to inform decision-making.

  • Method: Create and employ effective data scoreboards for critical University operations that include both lead and lag measures.

Success criteria: Scoreboards will be developed and approved for use each year.

Objective 4.5:

Promote the benefits of an official Student Activities Transcript for all University students.

  • Method: Increase the number and percentage of students employing a verifiable Student Activities Transcript.

Success criteria: The number of students employing an official Student Activities Transcript will be measured beginning in Fall 2009 with a goal of increasing participation by 5% each year through 2012.