Steps to Ensure a Successful Internship

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Steps to Ensure a Successful Internship

At the beginning of each semester, students, faculty supervisors and employer supervisors should agree on the guidelines and expectations for all those involved.  Although every internship placement is unique, guidelines might include issues such as learning objectives, academic requirements, schedules, policies on absenteeism, attitude, appropriate dress, and more. 

Occasionally a problem may arise.  If this should happen, the individuals are encouraged to discuss the situation, negotiate on their own, and work toward an agreement.  Discussing these issues early in the semester can usually lead to a solution that is acceptable to all involved. 

Students or employers should consult the faculty supervisor if problems arise.  

If faculty intervention is needed, the faculty supervisor will gather information from the employer site supervisor and the student concerning the nature of the problem.  A site visit and/or a meeting among the three individuals may be advisable, with the faculty supervisor as convener and mediator. 

All individuals should review the guidelines and expectations.  The faculty supervisor will make recommendations to the student and/or the site supervisor and encourage the two individuals to discuss the issue and work out an acceptable solution. 

We hope that clear expectations and open communication will ensure that the internship experience is a positive one.