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Cal U Parent & Family E-News: March 2012

New and Improved Electronic Billing

The way students and authorized users receive a tuition bill has changed, making it easier and more convenient to stay on top of financial matters. Electronic bills are now available 24/7 through VIP (Vulcan Information Portal). The billing system offers a printable official monthly e-bill, e-mail notification when a bill becomes available, online payment confirmation, and timely reminders of important due dates. Students must designate parents or guardians as authorized users. For instructions visit the Parent/Family Portal “Pay Your Student’s Bill.” Have further questions? Contact the Bursar’s Office.

Scholarships Deadline

March is a busy month for students, but don’t let yours miss out on meeting deadlines for possible “free money”. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 15 to be considered for all scholarship possibilities. Learn more about scholarships offered by Cal U and other outside agencies.

Midterm Grade Reports

Midterm progress reports will be available to students in VIP (Vulcan Information Portal) beginning March 23. Once midterm grades are posted, students and their academic advisors can use the information for planning for the remainder of this term and for registration for the summer and fall terms. Registration for Summer ’12 is ongoing now. Registration for Fall ’12 is set to begin on April 9. Students with a midterm grade of C- or below are contacted by the Office of Student Retention and Success and offered personal assistance to help them get back on track. Parents are encouraged to discuss midterm grades with their students, as midterm progress may be a good indicator of overall success in the course.

Optimum Academic Performance

The University offers many academic resources to enhance your student’s success. The no-cost resources include various tutoring services.

A recent parent testimonial: We have encouraged our daughter to use the tutoring services especially in the area of Math. It has been so helpful. She earned an A- in Calc. I and is off to a great start in Calc. II. Math was not her strength coming into college but it is obvious the available help and the great classroom instruction and her effort is paying off in a big way.”

Tutoring Center
Spring 2012 Tutoring Schedule – Updated*
Math Lab
Writing Center
Reading Clinic


Nobody likes making them, but sometimes it’s even harder to watch your child doing so. What’s a college parent to do? Inevitably, your student will misstep, and that’s not always a bad thing. Mistakes provide valuable life lessons, which can better prepare your student for the “real world” after college.  Parental advice and a listening ear can help to avert some student blunders, but parents can also teach the value of mistakes as part of life. After all, “mistakes can make us stronger,” and a more resilient college student is one who is better prepared for the life ahead. Learning to process, evaluate, self-correct, and move forward after a mistake are important life lessons every college parent should hope their child learns. But knowing when to step in or when to step back can be a delicate dance. Remembering this college parenting goal helps: To assist your child towards increased autonomy and self-responsibility in preparation for adult life. Obviously, mistakes involving health and safety issues should be addressed as soon as possible. However, less serious ones should be left for your student to figure out, allowing freedom to experience the consequences of personal decision-making and responsibility.

More Parenting Tips for Helping Your Student Value Mistakes

Late Start Classes

There are several reasons why adding a Late Start class may be a good academic option for your student. Students should consult with a faculty advisor to discuss the possibility or speak with a Student Success Facilitator in the Scheduling Center to receive more information. Note: Late Start classes begin on March 19. The deadline to apply for a Late Start class is March 7. 

Degree Works

Do you want to increase your student’s chances for a timely graduation and decrease the chances of wasting time and expense on unnecessary courses?  Or is your student questioning his/her current major and considering another? Then encourage your student to use Degrees Works, an online academic planning tool located in student VIP, also accessible from the Cal U mainpage. Degree Works assists students by tracking academic progress in their chosen major, showing earned credits as well as courses still needed. It also features a tool for modeling alternate degrees, allowing students to determine how earned credits might apply under a new major. Degree Works is an effective academic planning instrument, but it does not replace the need for a student to meet regularly with a faculty advisor. Degree Works Student Manual

Is Your Student Clubbing?

Student involvement in campus activities often reaps big benefits. Studies suggest that participation can contribute to increased student academic success as well as opportunities to develop leadership skills, meet new people, explore interests, and have fun!  See highlights from the Spring 2012 Organization Fair:

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Important  Upcoming  Dates

Registration for Summer College Begins January 16
Spring 2012 Classes Begin January 23  
Drop/Add Period January 23-27  
Last Day to Apply for May 2012 Graduation March 2
Spring Break March 12-16 
Last Day to Withdraw from a Course or the University April 6
Registration for Fall 2012 April 9-13
Reading Day May 7
Exam Week May 7-11
Spring 2012 Semester Ends May 12
Undergraduate Commencement May 12