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Cal U Parent & Family E-News: May 2012

A Strong Finish

May is hectic for college students. The academic year is coming to an end; they’re feeling pushed by deadlines, preparing for final exams, and thinking about the monumental task of packing and moving out. Students are eager to return home for some TLC, and at the same time, a bit sad about leaving friends behind. With demands on time and energy, they may find it harder to focus. Remind your student to stay organized, to set realistic priorities, and to repeat habits that proved academically successful in the past.Academic Resources

Home For Summer

Both students and parents should anticipate making adjustments for life together again. “Reentry” may be bumpy. Open communication, clear expectations, and perhaps some compromise, can go a long way toward sustaining family harmony. More on Readjusting to the Family Dynamic

Final Exam Schedule

Final exams are not held on the same days or times as the regular class meeting times throughout the semester. Spring 2012 exams are scheduled for Saturday, May 5, and beginning Monday May 7 after 4:00pm through Friday, May 11. Students should carefully review the final exam schedule to ensure they know the day and times for their exams.Spring 2012 Final Exam Schedule

Final Grades

Final grades will be available to students in VIP (Vulcan Information Portal) beginning Wednesday, May 16. Note: If a grade is not posted within a week, your student should contact the professor of the class. Student VIP Login

Packing Up/Moving Out

Students accumulate a lot in a few short months. You may be wondering how you’re going to get it all home! Perhaps you don’t need to. Local storage facilities can be the answer for housing those bulky items over the summer. Two or three students might consider sharing the space and splitting the costs, making it an even more affordable option.  Local Storage Options

Residence Hall Closing

Students must be checked out of residence halls within 24 hours of their last final exam unless they are participating in Commencement exercises (Band, Choir) during the weekend. “Parent/College Life 101: Don’t Be Fooled By In-Town
%7e Jackie Schwirian, Assistant Leasing & Marketing Manager at Vulcan Village

Textbook Rental and Buyback

Monday, April 30th through Saturday, May 5 

The Campus Bookstore will buyback textbooks and process returns on rented books beginning Monday, April 30 through Saturday, May 5. For Rental Check In's, students must know the name of the person the textbooks were rented under as well as the telephone number that was used to set up the account. Note: Keeping textbook purchase and return receipts is always recommended. Students may also opt to ship back rented books.

More about Textbook Rental Return

More about Textbook Buyback

Looking Ahead? Textbooks For Fall 2012 Semester

Textbooks for Fall 2012 semester will be available for purchase in the campus Bookstore beginning Monday, June 25, and online beginning Friday, August 3. If your student wishes to use financial aid for textbook purchases, a Financial Aid/Account Charge form must be completed. The form will be available beginning Friday, August 3, both in the campus Bookstore and on the Bookstore webpage.Campus Bookstore

Just “Ask Us”

A brand new “Ask Us” feature has been added to the Parent/Family Portal! The easy-to-use online form is a convenient way to receive the answers you’re looking for. To locate “Ask Us” go to the Parent/Family Portal, “click” the Frequently Asked Questions link in the left navigation bar, then “click” Ask Us. So, have a question? Just Ask Us!  We’ll respond with 24 hours.Parent/Family Portal

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Commencement ceremonies are held two times a year, in December and in May. The 174th Commencement celebration will take place in the new Convocation Center on Friday, May 11, 2012, (Graduate) and Saturday, May 12, 2012 (Undergraduate). Tickets will not be issued. For optimum seating, arriving early is recommended, especially if many family members are attending.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Registration for Summer College 2012
Open Enrollment thru First Day of Classes
Spring 2012 Classes End May 4
Reading Day (No classes 8 am- 4 pm) May 7
Final Exams Week May 7-11
President’s Dinner For Graduates May 10
Spring 2012 Semester Ends May 12
Undergraduate Commencement May 12
Move-In Day for New Students Aug. 23 (TENTATIVE)
Move-In Day for Current Students Aug. 26, Beginning at Noon
New Student Convocation Aug. 26
Fall 2012 Semester Begins Aug. 27

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