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A view of a residence hall and the Emeriti fountain on a sunny day.A view of a residence hall and the Emeriti fountain on a sunny day.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get more information about applying to Cal U?

How much does it cost to attend?

How do I schedule a campus visit?


What majors are available?

What is the Honors Program and is my student eligible to apply?

Can textbooks be ordered online through the Bookstore?

My child is experiencing some academic difficulty. Where can he go for help?

My student is unsure about her academic major and is thinking about changing it. What should she do?

What is the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and how can it affect my student's financial aid?

Financial Aid

What kind of financial aid is available?

How does my student apply for financial aid?

What is the Work-Study Program and how does my student apply?

Health and Safety

What if my child gets sick on campus?

How safe is Cal U?

What is Cal U Alerts and how can my student register?

What is the Student Code of Conduct?

What are the evacuation procedures for individuals with disabilities?

Residence Life

Where will my child live while attending Cal U?

What are the basic kinds of meal plans? Can changes be made to a plan?

What is a CalCard? How does a parent or guest add money to it?

How can my child get involved on campus?

I want to mail something to my child.  What is my student's campus mailing address?


How does my student get a username and password for the Vulcan Information Portal and a Cal U email account?

My child is having problems with his computer. Where can he go for help?


What about campus parking?

My student is a commuter. What should I know about?

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