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President's Message

A message from Angelo Armenti, Jr.
President, California University of Pennsylvania

Portrait of President Angelo Armenti, Jr. I am deeply troubled by the tragic incident that occurred off-campus this weekend.

At about 2 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 17, a young man from Pittsburgh, 18-year-old Jeron Grayson, was fatally shot at an apartment complex in California Borough, and a female Cal U student was injured. Police have arrested Keith Edward Jones, 19, of Monessen, and charged him with these crimes. Neither of the men is a Cal U student or are otherwise affiliated with the University. 

I extend my deepest sympathy, and that of our Cal U community, to the family and friends of Jeron Grayson.

California University of Pennsylvania is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students. In the coming days, University Police will continue to keep extra patrols on duty and to cooperate with California Borough officers and state police as needed. A bicycle patrol is operating on evening and midnight shifts, giving our police officers swift access to key areas on and around campus. We continue to be vigilant about security at our residence halls and campus events. We also will provide counseling for students who are coping with this tragedy.

I am asking every member of the Cal U community to help make our campus a safe and welcoming place. As our Bill of Rights and Responsibilities reminds us, "We have the right to safety and security; we have the responsibility to ensure the safety and security of others."

There are steps that you, as a concerned parent, can take.

  1. Review with your student these safety tips. These tips were distributed via e-mail to all Cal U students early in the semester. Read more about campus safety here (some portions of this page will require your student's user name and password).

  2. Encourage your student to register for Cal U Text Alerts, an emergency text messaging service. This service will be used only in serious emergencies; no advertising or non-emergency messages will be sent. Registration is free; your cell phone plan will apply the usual charges to receive a text message. A student may use his/her username and password to register two phone numbers when signing up for text alerts. To register, look for the "Quick Links" on the Cal U homepage,, or register here.

  3. If your student carries an iPhone, encourage him/her to download the free Emergency Button application. This free "app," customized for Cal U, lets the user summon help in an emergency by making a quick connection with University Police. Learn how to get the iPhone app.

  4. Remind your student that emergency information, including updates, is delivered via e-mail to his/her Cal U account and posted on the University website, Should an emergency occur, students and their families can check the website, or the Cal U mobile website, for the latest information.

Although it occurred outside our campus, please understand that we take this tragic incident very seriously. The University is working with community leaders to ensure that California remains a place where students can live and learn in safety.

Sincerely yours,

Angelo Armenti, Jr.
President, California University of Pennsylvania


Image of Steve Topriani

Washington County District Attorney Steven M. Topriani had this to say during a news conference on Oct. 18:

"I can tell you as a Cal U alum, I know the work they put into their Homecoming activities. And it's a shame to have a tragic event like this tarnish what is otherwise a safe campus environment. ... We don't believe any of the actors are related to the University and that this was an isolated incident, so I don't believe that parents or students have anything to be concerned about at this point."

Safety Links

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