A graduating class is about to commence.A graduating class is about to commence.

Classes of 2000-2010 Make it Count!

MAKE IT COUNT! Classes of 2000-2010, now is your chance to build on your legacy at Cal U!

We all share an appreciation for California University of Pennsylvania and the opportunities that have come from our time in the classroom and our extracurricular activities. The support of alumni goes a long way to increase the value of a Cal U degree. This is your opportunity to express your appreciation of Cal U and to be part of the tradition to MAKE IT COUNT!

Tell us about yourself! Listed below are more than 150 campus clubs and organizations that help to enrich the academic experience at Cal U. Maybe as a student you were a member of a club, or President of a leadership organization, we want to know! Your past involvements have played an important role that continues to MAKE IT COUNT and distinguishes Cal U as a character building institution.

Continue to MAKE IT COUNT and make a gift today to the Cal U Annual Fund. By making your gift of $25, your graduation year (i.e. $20.02, $20.07, $20.10, etc.) or more you are increasing the value of your own degree while demonstrating your support of Cal U's students and programs and the mission they fulfill.

Please select all the reasons you are choosing to MAKE IT COUNT and click the MAKE IT COUNT button at the bottom of the page to MAKE IT COUNT today! You may include additional reasons why you chose to make your gift today in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

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