With higher education costs rising and state support dwindling, many of our students simply do not have the resources to attend college. Those who do attend Cal U graduate with increasing amounts of student loan debt.

Cal U also must continue to attract and retain high-quality faculty and students. We must provide nationally accredited programs and world-class, high-tech facilities. And we are committed to building character and careers.

To ensure the vitality of Cal U and the future of our students, we need your help.

By giving to Cal U you will partner with us in our mission to become the best comprehensive public university in America. Pledge gifts also support the University's goals.

Creating Opportunities

Thank you for making a difference at California University of Pennsylvania. Gifts entrusted to the University through the Foundation for California University of Pennsylvania are helping to provide Cal U students with valuable opportunities to receive a world-class education. 

Every gift makes a difference and together those gifts help provide students with scholarships and enhance academic enrichment through expanded internships, valuable research opportunities, and academic and program support that remain critical to Cal U’s mission of Building Character. Building Careers.

The Annual Donor Report 2012 is available online. You can access the report at your convenience to see how our alumni and friends are helping to make Cal U a great value in higher education.   

The Campaign to Build Character and Careers at Cal U

The $35 million capital campaign will help to ensure that all students have access to a world-class education at California University.

The priorities of the campaign are:

  • Scholarships
  • Honors College
  • Character Education Institute
  • Internships
  • Regional Convocation Center
  • School of Business and Professional Studies
  • Endowed Lecture Series 
  • Academic and Program Support

A secure, online form makes it easy and convenient to support Cal U.

Cal U's Campaign team is ready to provide you with more information and personal assistance in making your gift.  Contact us at 724-938-5775.

The Annual Fund

California University of Pennsylvania relies on annual support from alumni and friends of the University to fund academic programs, endowed chairs, special research projects and other initiatives. Donors may choose to fund a specific program, department or other project, or designate their gifts to be used in whatever way best supports the needs of Cal U.

  • Matching gifts: Be sure to contact your employer to ask about maximizing your gift to Cal U.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

A gift "in memory" of a beloved family member or friend attaches his/her name to the preservation and enhancement of education opportunities at Cal U. Tribute gifts recognize character and achievements while benefiting students and programs. There are several funds to choose from:

  • Endowed Scholarship Funds: Already established by the associations of Alumni, Faculty and Emeriti Faculty, these funds receive gifts of any amount.
  • Other Endowed Funds: The Foundation for California University of Pennsylvania maintains more than 150 endowed funds. Each includes gifts totaling at least $10,000. Memorial gifts may be added to an existing fund in any amount at any time.
  • Library Book Funds: The Louis L. Manderino Library regularly receives memorial gifts for its book-purchase program.
  • Paving Bricks: Our Buy A Brick program allows you to place these memorials or tributes at several sites on campus.
  • Campus Landmarks: The naming of buildings, facilities within them or spaces around them merits a team approach.

You may donate online or contact a gift officer for more information.

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