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Questions and Answers

Your support for Cal U has never been more important. Our students are facing unprecedented challenges as state support for higher education dwindles.

Why give?

  • 93% of Cal U students qualify for financial aid.
  • Cal U students graduate with an average loan debt of $23,000, compared with an average loan debt of $19,000 for graduates of other public universities in Pennsylvania and $15,000 for graduates of public universities nationwide.
  • In 1998, no Cal U undergraduate student had taken out a private loan. By 2008, nearly 900 undergraduates had borrowed from private loan companies.
  • Cal U graduates tend to remain in the region, putting their degrees to work and contributing to the regional economy.
  • Cal U infuses $270 million into the Pennsylvania economy annually and $100 million into the economy of Washington County. Support for Cal U students will help to ensure the vibrancy of the region

Why now?

  • A steep decline in state funding for public higher education, from 63% 26 years ago to 34% today, has prompted tuition increases.
  • Education and training are increasingly important in an ever more complex global economy. At the same time, grant funding for education has experienced a steep decline.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Cal U seniors graduating with student loan debt come from families with a total family income of $50,000 or less.
  • Cal U historically has opened doors for students who otherwise would not have access to higher education.
  • The global economic downturn is increasingly putting higher education out of reach for many high school graduates. With money tight, families are forced to make hard choices.

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