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Past Leadership

As a seminary and later a normal school, California was led by principals: E.N. Johnston (1852-1860); J.C. Gilchrist (1860-1870); Dr. Charles L. Ehrenfeld (1871-1877); Dr. George P. Beard (1877-1883); Dr. Theodore B. Noss (1883-1909); Dr. Herbert B. Davis (1909-1912); Dr. Walter Herzog, Class of 1891 (1912-1919); and John Entz (1919-1928).

In 1928, California became part of the state college system, with a president as its chief administrator. Prior to the tenure of Geraldine M. Jones, these individuals served as president:

Portrait of Dr. Robert M. Steele

Dr. Robert M. Steele
California State Teachers College

Portrait of Dr. C. Herman Grose

Dr. C. Herman Grose
California State Teachers College

Portrait of Dr. Michael Duda

Dr. Michael Duda
California State College

Portrait of Dr. George H. Roadman

Dr. George H. Roadman (Class of 1941)
California State College

Portrait of Dr. John P. Watkins

Dr. John P. Watkins (Class of 1953)
California University of Pennsylvania

Portrait of Dr. Angelo Armenti

Dr. Angelo Armenti
California University of Pennsylvania

*Includes time as acting or interim president