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Internships at Cal U

At California University, internships are designed to give students an edge in the job market with real-world experiences that go beyond the classroom.  Internships are for-credit academic courses, supervised by a faculty member.  Employers benefit by having a source of motivated pre-professionals with new perspectives and fresh ideas.


An internship is a for-credit academic course that is supervised by a faculty member. Internships give you an edge in the job market and prepare you for the workforce. They build resumes while exposing you to real-world problems and issues.  Internships also allow you to "test-drive" a career and cultivate flexibility and creativity, and help you gain confidence. Learn the Step by Step Process for finding an internship. 


The University’s Internship Center works with employers to create effective internship programs and help employers, faculty supervisors, and students agree on expectations for all involved.  The Center offers a guide for employers and assistance with developing internship job descriptions and launching an internship program. 


California University’s Internship Center can assist you by identifying or developing appropriate internship sites for your students; identifying alumni or others in your field who can serve as speakers or panelists for your classes; providing updates to you about relevant resources; researching and developing funding opportunities related to internships; arranging on-campus interviews for internships; assisting your students as they navigate the University system, and supporting you as an internship supervisor.