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FROM: Student Affairs RE: Did You Know!?!?!?!!
10/16/2017 1:47:17 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Did You Know!?!?!?!!


The Health and Wellness Education Center is located in room G-82 in Carter Hall.  The center works to help keep Cal U students aware of current health topics and provide them with resources to live a healthy lifestyle. 

The center is also the meeting place for Cal U's Health Education Awareness Resource Team (H.E.A.R.T.), which is an organization dedicated to promoting health to students through information and interactive events.   Fran Fayish, the university's Nurse Practitioner/Wellness Education Specialist, directs the center's staff. 

Topics the center provides information about:

  • Stress
  • STDs
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Prescription Medication
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • And Much More . . .

If you or your club would like to learn more or organize a program, feel free to contact the Health and Wellness Center at 724-938-5440.



Fran Fayish        

Phone Number: 724-938-5922