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FROM: UTECH RE: UTech Security Awareness Bulletin: Holiday Season Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns
11/15/2017 12:45:47 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

As the winter holidays approach, UTech Security reminds users to stay aware of seasonal scams and cyber campaigns, which may include:

  • Electronic greeting cards that may contain malware
  • Requests for charitable contributions that may be phishing scams and may originate from illegitimate sources claiming to be charities
  • Screensavers or other forms of media that may contain malware
  • Credit card applications that may be phishing scams or identity theft attempts
  • Online shopping advertisements that may be phishing scams or identity theft attempts from bogus retailers
  • Shipping notifications that may be phishing scams or may contain malware

Please use caution when encountering these types of email messages and take the following preventative measures to protect themselves from phishing scams and malware campaigns:

  • Verify the URL (web address) of a website before clicking on a link. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation of spelling or a different name. 
  • Don’t send sensitive information over the Internet before checking a website’s security. 
  • Do not reveal personal or financial information, and do not respond to e-mail solicitations for this information. This includes following links sent in e-mail.
  • Never respond to suspicious e-mails or click on links inside suspicious messages.
  • Maintain up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Avoid filling out forms in e-mail messages that ask for personal information.
  • Never purchase anything advertised through unsolicited e-mail.