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    FROM: Norman G. Hasbrouck RE: California Borough Spring Clean Up
    4/1/2011 1:50:40 PM
    To: Students, Faculty, Staff



     Free Curbside Pickup of Household Items

    Mon.-Thurs., May 2-5

    Mon.-Thurs., May 9-12


     Regular Garbage Pickup

    Friday, May 6 and Friday, May 13


     One Day Only -- Wed., May 4

    Electronic Recycling -- Free Drop Off

    Borough Parking Lot Second Street


    A11 electronic equipment is acceptable with the exception of manifested hazardous waste, radioactive waste and/or biohazard waste.

    Some examples of accepted electronic equipment* are:

    .Computer Monitors- CRTs .Tape Players .Printed Circuit Boards

    .Computer Monitors- Flat Panel .CD Players .Cell Phones .Phones

    .UPS (personal and network) .Televisions-CRTs .Telephones

    .Routers .Televisions-Flat Screen .Resistors Capacitors .Desktop

    Computers .Fax Machines .Diodes .Laptop Computers . Electronic

    Games .Terminals .Keyboards .Power and Network Cables

    .Rechargeable Batteries .Mice .Network Hubs .Peripherals .Printers

    .Switching Boxes .Military Equipment .Scanners .Controllers

    .Medical Equipment .Copy Machines .Modems .Telecommunications

    .VCRs .Docking Stations .Commercial Equipment .Stereos

    .CD Roms .Office Equipment .Radios .Hard Drives .Banking

    Equipment .Mainframes .Microwaves

    Materials that will not be accepted are as follows but not limited to:

    devices containing or omitting radioactivity, mercury containing

    devices, light bulbs, appliances and hazardous materials.

    *This list has accepted items, but not limited to just items stated here.


     Commingled Recycling

    Wed., Thurs., Fri., May 4, 5 and 6

     Free Drop Off

    Borough Parking Lot Second Street

     Residential Commingled Recycling Items include

    Metal Cans (Aluminum, Steel, Tin, Bi-Metal),

    Glass Bottles (Clear, Brown, Green) and Jars,

    Newspapers & Glossy Inserts (No magazines or telephone books).

    Please rinse all food and drink from containers before recycling.



    This program is brought to you by

    California Borough Council and County Hauling

    Call 724-929-7694 for additional information